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Subject: [Amps] cooked exciter -
From: "chuck" <>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 13:49:18 -0400
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Well, It looks like I cooked some other board in the TS-940s not the remote
relay circuit. 
I thought I had to much current (150ma) going into the relay on the rig for
keying the amp..
After a quick look last night I didn't see anything obvious.
Was wondering if its just a coincidence that it cooked (something) or if
something in the amp caused 
some issue. I am feeding the GU-84b to the grid thru a .02 500v disc cap.
Although I used a tuner
to separate the rig from the amp .Also coming directly off the tetrode
boards the 12vdc keying circuit possible had
noise or something on it causing an issue.
thoughts? Lots of speculation I know but now I'll go back thru the circuitry
and make it a little more less susceptible to
leaking rf or noise into the '940s or whatever I run it with from now on..
chuck ~ka1mwp
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