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[Amps] stereo to mono

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Subject: [Amps] stereo to mono
From: Φραγκιαδάκης Παναγιώτης <>
Date: Sun, 9 May 2010 21:21:13 +0300
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i thank you all for your time

@ron ka4inm
yes briliend the solution with the small transormer primery 600 Ω and secondary 
2x600 Ω c.t. to gnd
i do have a mondulator transformer primery 2x5 ΚΩ and 1x 8Ω nductive 
for secondery 0-4-5-6-8 ΚΩ to drive the plate voltage it is in a metel can 
filed with transformer oil
here in my country we have many of us sach systems some of us use the reactor 
transformer with the capacitor (i will do it my self some day too)
we have people that winding the transformers and also eny kind of hv up to 10 
kv 3 amp 3 ph and some use the 15000 tubes (we call them light houses)
now i have the audio amp and the modulator transformer why to build a push pull 
one with tubes 
eny way if i burn out the solid state i will force to do so
@rob k5uj
i do agree with you it is truth
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