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Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 14:15:14 -0400
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Thats about all you will get with 100W drive. Realigning the input networks 
may get you a bit more.
With 150-200W drive that amp will do nasty things with a 2500W Bird slug. 
The tune cap limits your voltage choices.

With the optional 800C/TNY dual voltage xfmr, and 3CPX800's you can reach 
around 5KW PEP with 150W drive. I dont think Id try it with regular 800's on 
the HV tap. Ive often wondered how the tank circuit would take a pair of 
8877's on a new tube pedestal chassis.


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Subject: [Amps] LK550 Output

>I had one years ago and got 1850w or so on 75 and below 1500w on 20. I had
> initially purchased an LK500 and shipped it back for output not meeting
> spec(1200w) I traded up to the 550. Denny said keep the 2 tubes and he 
> would
> send only one. When I ran the 550 hard only the 2 original tubes had a
> strong glow on the plates. I have since thought that there must have been
> quite a balance problem and I was missing quite a bit of output.
> If anybody else has one, what kind of output do you see? It had all the
> current capacity in the world but voltage I think is too low for big power
> on 3-500. I sure loved that amp and have been thinking about getting one
> again now that I am seeing them from time to time. I do recall that 
> plugging
> that power supply into the LK800 was magic.
> Sam Carpenter,  N9FUT
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