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Subject: Re: [Amps] dayton
From: Roger <>
Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 04:08:12 -0400
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On 5/17/2010 11:57 PM, Hardy Landskov wrote:
> Hi All
> Emtron was there and if you want one of their amps, contact them direcrtly.
> It's a "we can sell you one and you are responsible for the (power) outcome"
IOW, let your conscience be your guide.  They make amps for the world 
wide market so you'll see amps we don't normally see over here. I have 
one of their smaller ones. It appears well built and will run digital at 
the legal limit 24 X 7.  They have them all the way up to at least a 
4CX5000R7 with a 3 phase power supply.
The newer ones start with a 1KW (forgot the designation), then the 
DX-2SP with a single FU728F or 4CDX1500B, the DX-3SP with a pair of 
FU728Fs,  (desk top units) the DX-4SP with a pair of the Russian tubes 
(separate PS), and the DX-5 with that 4CX5000R7 and a BIG 3 phase PS. 
They also have a new DX-2SPV 6-meter amp which is the same as the DX-2SP 
but for 6-meters only.

Their amps are "manual tune" and well protected. I have no experience 
with the larger amps.
> type of deal. They have the high power puppies believe me. They are made in
> the USA now.
Ahhh..Did Rudi tell you that?  I talked to him just before Dayton and 
they have a US service rep who will do repair and warranty work, but I 
think you will find they are still built in Australia. The web site is 
still out of date and shows the amps with the Russian tubes.
> Commander
Command Technologies was bought out by Palstar and redesigned IF that is 
the Commander to which you refer.

> had a small, almost invisable to me (why bother) booth  in the
> back by the JA people selling towers.
> I did not see QRO
The QRO site:

When I win the lottery and PowerBall I'll get one of each and report 
back. IOW, don't hold your breath. <:-))
> as I have never been impressed with their quality anyway.
> I did not go to Elecraft as I can monitor their progress on their website.
> My observations....
> 73 N7RT
Links and updates to most of the stuff mentioned:
I keep adding links, but it's a long way from complete.


Roger (K8RI)
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> Sent: Monday, May 17, 2010 7:37 PM
> Subject: [Amps] dayton
>> What is new in high power amps? Did Elecraft release the solid state amp
>> yet? Who was there for ofshore amp makers (Emtron)? Is Commander and QRO
>> still alive?  From a picture I saw on the web it looks as if Alpha had a
>> good size display. Wish I could have gone, maybe next year. Thanks.
>> 73,
>> Steve W1DXH
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