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Re: [Amps] Heath copyright

Subject: Re: [Amps] Heath copyright
From: Ryan Foster <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 10:57:57 -0400
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Where might one find that jerk in England's site? :)

I mean, you know, to give him a piece of my mind, of course...

hihi, w8cya

On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 10:26 AM, Van K7VS <> wrote:

> Hi Alex.  On the other hand there are many responsible manufactures that
> DON't give away their manuals.  As an example I just had to spend $20.00
> for
> manual and shipping for a small manual for my Mercury Outboard motor I
> misplaced.  I have also been charged for manuals by Sears here in the
> states.  I think its great that many companies have moved manuals to the
> internet but some make money by charging for them.  I don't like it either
> but have no qualms about the purchase and I don't beat my gums all over the
> internet about it!!  Responsible individuals have removed Heathkit manuals
> from their websites which was the right thing to do.  I've told Don if I
> were he I would go after that jerk in England that has some of the heath
> manuals on his site.  He knows he is violating international cop write
> laws.
> By the way this has been one of the more civil disagreements and
> discussions
> we have had recently!
> 73  Van, K7VS
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