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[Amps] Huge Estate Sale, QRO of all kinds

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Subject: [Amps] Huge Estate Sale, QRO of all kinds
From: Patrick Barthelow <>
Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 21:57:41 -0700
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I just stumbled onto a ham, taking care of an estate sale for an SK ham in N. 

Wasn't able to look in detail, (going back tomorrow)  but many well built 


Custom, complete, generally HF, QRO amps, PS, including:

8877 (2 Meters), 

2 x 4-1000A and sep P/S,  HF

Classic HF Home brew: 2 x 4-400A or 3-500Z, sans Tubes,

Heath, SB-200, OK,  

SB 220, Needs some repair

Various ARC-5 Series TX  


huge numbers of (mostly older style)  QRO components, 

NOS, in Box, or not In box:




Tubes, in Boxes, or  New, in sealed, form fitting Mfg bags, (kinda composite, 
silver/gray color, sealed bag material, cheesecloth with aluminized paper, 

tubes, esp  ceramic 4CX 250B 

and that family, including  

4X-150 4X-xxx  series (glass, not ceramic Envelope, ext anode, etc)

Ceramic flat sockets, Johnsnon, others, all types

BW Fil Chokes

QRO Pi Net components, Air Dux; B/W Coils,

Heavy copper/silver tubing coils

BC-610 Style, banannna plug in coils, Millen, etc 

Band switches,

Large screw adjust, TX neutralization caps

Large Tune/Load Caps, Lots, Hammarlund, Cardwell, etc

Small Variables

Panel Meters lots

Commercial QRO silver, flat condux coils in frames

Boxes, of ceramic Standoffs, feed throughs, etc.


New, Old Stock, in boxes, 800 series TX tubes,



813s, (lots, NOS, in  boxes)


plus other, wierd, old, large glass envelope Power tubes

Huge qty mini and octal tubes, 12AX7, 6L6, 6U8, etc


Volume of stuff would not allow a car inside a 2 car garage.


Let me know what you are looking for, and price range, you can pay,  I am going 
back tomorrow (Saturday) to look more closely, there was  much that I did  not 
see in my first, short, accidental  visit.

Best Regards,   
73, de Pat Barthelow AA6EG  

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