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Subject: [Amps] Alpha 77DX
From: Charlie Young <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 23:18:08 -0500
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I have purchased a one owner Alpha 77DX, from the estate of a recent SK. This 
amp had little use, and to the best of my knowledge was not used at all since 
about 1981/83. The original invoice (1977)  and manual came with it.  I brought 
it back to life carefully, taking the necessary precautions with the tube. It 
works flawlessly.  There are a couple of issues.


First, it has the well known sticky paint problem. I have researched the 
archives, and looked on Alpha's site. New top and side panels are available, as 
is the face plate for a 77SX.  I have no intention of putting a second tube in 
this, so would rather not put an SX panel on it.  Anyone aware of another 
option for obtaining a new front panel, or having this one redone? 


The inside is in mint condition and looks new, but there is a slight trace of 
oil only on the top of the capacitor, so it is leaking. From the archives, this 
seems to be a common problem.  Are folks replacing this with another oil filled 
cap or have banks of electrolytics been retrofitted as a fix?  Any current 
sources for replacement caps? 


I have always wanted one of these.  It is a beautiful amplifier inside, very 
heavy duty construction compared to my other amplifiers. 


Any suggestions will be appreciated. 


73 Charlie N8RR 
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