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[Amps] Bird 43 Set

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Subject: [Amps] Bird 43 Set
From: Charlie Young <>
Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 11:05:07 -0500
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A young non-ham friend recently received as a gift several radio related items 
from a ham, who is a recent SK.  I am trying to help him get fair value for 
these items. 


He has a standard Bird 43 and leather carrying case that both look as new. This 
equipment is likely circa late 1970's/early 1980's, as the original owner was 
not active beyond about 1985.  This wattmeter is equipped with SO-239 


He also has a set of Bird slugs which are in a Bird leather pouch. There are 
are about 12 slugs and they range from 25 watts up to 10 KW.  This set also 
appears as new. 


I would buy these myself, but they may be worth more to someone else than they 
are to me.  My friend just graduated from University and is getting married, so 
my main concern is to see him get the best $$ for them.  


Anyone care to offer a suggestion as to what this set might be worth today?  I 
know the technology has moved on in RF power measurement (LP-100 etc) but Bird 
has been the standard for years. 


Replies offline to conserve reflector traffic are OK. 


73 Charlie N8RR 


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