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[Amps] TL-922 QSK Boards Now Available

Subject: [Amps] TL-922 QSK Boards Now Available
From: Jim W7RY <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2010 20:08:46 -0800
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I have finished the design and manufacturing of the QSK relay switching board 
for the TL-922 amplifier. The board also has built in soft key, (low voltage 
low current) switching for your rig keying line, positive keying line, (key 
your amp with +5 to +14 volts from your computer or rig) and the voltage 
dropping resistor for the step start relay. Please see the schematic. 

I have a limited number of boards available for $16.00 each. If there is 
interest, I'll also have the input reed relays available. The input relays will 
be around $12.00 each. All plus shipping. 

You will have to buy your vacuum relays from Max-Gain Systems or other sources. 

LOTS of pictures and the schematic of the board mounted in a TL-922 are shown 
in this link: 

You will have to buy your vacuum relays (RJ1A-26N969) from Max-Gain Systems or 
other sources: 

This circuit design is based on the Rich Measures design. Please see: 

I have added the switching transistors for switching the LEDs for transmit and 
standby. I have also replaced the meter lamps with new high output LEDs as 
well. The series current limiting resistors for the new LEDs are on the circuit 
The parts list is being completed now. It will have all the part numbers for 
ordering the parts from Mouser. 

For the TL-922 installation, you have to make a couple of very small chassis 

This board will also work very nicely in the Heathkit SB-220 among others. 

I will ship world wide by US Mail. This is not a business, I'm doing this to 
provide a help my fellow amateurs a way to modify their amplifiers for QSK or 
very quiet relay switching so shipping will be done when I have available time. 
Usually on the weekends. 

A very SPECIAL THANKS to Karin, K3UU for her getting me started on this 
project! A QST article will most likely be following soon. 

Thanks for the time and enjoy. 

Jim W7RY w7ry at arrl dotnet
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