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[Amps] Why no 28 MHz

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Subject: [Amps] Why no 28 MHz
From: "Phil & Debbie Salas" <>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 16:58:29 -0600
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"I thought the FCC had changed the rules about 10 meters on commercial
ham amps, yet I see that Ameritron still lists their amps 1.8 though 21
MHz with 28 MHz on the export models.  Why?  73  Roger (K8RI)"

While the FCC now permits amps to have 10 meter coverage, the amps cannot 
operate on the CB band.  However, a ham can modify his own equipment.  Since 
current Ameritron amps don't have the ability to determine the frequency 
being transmitted and amplified (i.e., no internal frequency counter), the 
amp cannot be shipped if it is capable of operating on the CB band. 
However, since a ham can modify his own equipment, the user can install the 
10/12M LPF or cut a wire.  Just a way around the rules.  Most new 
solid-state amps (THP, SPE, Elecraft) have internal frequency counters that 
keep the amp from amplifying signals out of the ham bands.

Phil - AD5X 

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