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Subject: Re: [Amps] What to buy?
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Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2011 04:59:07 -0800
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Subject: Re: [Amps] What to buy?

> ## I have given up on torroids  for tank coils on the low bands. I have 
> found some small diam, edge
> wound ribbon coil stock that works the best for low band work.  3/8" edge 
> wound ribbon [.072" thick]
> is the same as .28"  tubing for current handling.   1/4" ribbon [ also 
> .072" thick]  is ample in most cases
> and is the same as .2" OD tubing.   A friend also gave me a bunch of air 
> dux.. that uses 8 ga wire.. and the
> wire was copper..and not the usual tinned material.  These are things of 
> beauty. I didn't know you could
> get coil stock in 8 ga wire.
> Jim   VE7RF
> The NCL-2000 used one length #8 AirDux for 80-10
> Carl

## The drake L4B's  use  8 ga tinned solid wire for 80+40M.  That coil runs 
stone cold on both bands.
They used 1/4" silver plated tubing on 20-15-10m...which runs blazing hot on 
15+10m.   One would have
thought that on 15m...that the heat was migrate into the remainder of the 
20-10m coil..but it doesn't. Using
the footswitch and my finger on the 15m's hot.  Move one turn over 
into the unused part of the same coil
and it's barely luke warm.....go figure.   These days, I use a Fluke 62 ir 
when doing heat tests.  The steel top lid on the
L4B, too close to the 20-10m tubing coil.  With the top lid removed, 
the C1 cap has to be increased a bit.
The torroids really save you nothing, space wise..VS airdux.  The torroids 
can be mounted closer to metal..and that's
about it.  Torroids run way too hot, even 3 x T225-2B's, stacked.

Jim  VE7RF

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