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[Amps] current handling capacity of SM caps

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Subject: [Amps] current handling capacity of SM caps
From: "Jeff Blaine" <>
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2011 12:59:04 -0600
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Any idea of what the current handling capacity would be of the generic silver 
mica 500V cap?

Due to the intervention of Murphy, I may be pressed into using a few of these 
paralleled in a L/C match for an antenna feed for this weekend’s WPX RTTY 
contest.  I don’t have time to find doorknobs because I’m about a day or so 
from knowing what the correct values are going to be.  but I do have a pretty 
big junkbox of SM units in a big spread of values.

I was hoping someone would have a feeling as to the current carrying capacity.  
 Applied power will be around 1300W at 7 Mhz.  Xs will be in the 10-25 ohm 
range (so 2200-1000 pf).  Which I think means peak currents of as much as 12A 
total...    Ugg

73, Jeff ACØC

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