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[Amps] A very good experience

Subject: [Amps] A very good experience
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 18:06:15 EST
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In working on my current 6M amp project, I decided to rebuild my HV power  
supply, and really do it right.
I wanted to make up boards both for a generic FW rectifier  assembly (each 
leg comprised of up to 12 6A10s) and for the stack of 15  capacitors (470 
MFD 450V) for a yield of 31 MFD @ 7200V.
I contacted Fred at Far Circuits  ( _ 
(  ), and  worked with him on the layout. He was 
incredibly helpful and cooperative, and  created 2 sets of boards for me for a 
reasonable cost.  I'm very happy  with the boards and their performance.
Very often, we hear complaints about one supplier or another; I wanted to  
pass along a "success story" about one of the few remaining vendors who 
cater to  the ham radio builder. The experience was both a learning experience 
for me, and  an absolute joy.
Hope to see all of you on the Magic Band once the project is  finished!
Steve  Gilbert
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