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[Amps] Bleeder Resistor Hernry 2k Classic

Subject: [Amps] Bleeder Resistor Hernry 2k Classic
From: Alex Barbon <>
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2011 09:02:25 +0800
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Hi to all,

Iam repairing a 2k classic, i found out there is only 3 pcs 20k 100watts
bleeder resistor instead of 4 pcs ( R120, R122, R122 & R125 ) based on the
schematic i have for classic x series, this is not the classic x version it
does not have the T103 transformer . R120 were removed on the circuit, with
this case R122 were arcing due to crack wire wound resistor, that is why iam
replacing it and R121 already drifted from its value.

My question is, i already have 4 new 20k 100watts bleeder resistor, should i
just wire it same when i got it a 3 pcs 20k 100watts bleeder resistor or
restore it as per schematic on the original 4 pcs 20k bleeder resistor from
henry? Whats the difference or effect on the amp it it has 3 or 4  20k
bleeder resistor?

Also i will replace the C101 0.1uF / 7.5kv capacitor.

Hope someone can advise.

Thank you & 73
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