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Since you know the mounting centers, the only remaining items are: (1) CFM 
rating; and (2) direction of rotation relative to the hub (i.e., intake or 
output over struts).  You can determine the rotation by either looking for 
an embossed air-flow arrow on the assembly or briefly powering the fan to 
determine this.  The noise figure is generally a function of the CFM/RPM 
rating and whether the fan uses sleeve or ball bearings.  Sleeve bearing 
fans generally have lower noise ratings.

You may want to call IMC and ask for the fan's CFM rating as the original 
design data may have been archived long ago.  With that information, you can 
then stick with one of theirs or look to other OEMs like Papst, or the 
hundreds of Asian fans now available with low pricing.

Paul, W9AC

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Subject: [Amps] Cooling Fan

>I am trying to find a 120mm cooling fan for one of my amps.  I would
> like to duplicate what I have on another one.  It is very quite and
> moves sufficient air for my purpose.  This fan is an IMD Boxer Model
> WS2107FL-2, 115V and 0.12A.  I can't seem to find any information about
> this fan; sleeve or ball bearing, rpm, or noise rating.  I have tried
> several other fans but they all seem to be much higher rpm and make too
> much noise.
> Does anyone know the specs on this fan and/or have one like it that they
> might sell?
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