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Re: [Amps] Motorola AM-495

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Motorola AM-495
From: Bill Fuqua <>
Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2011 12:24:23 -0400
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   Along that same line,  I am looking for  a parts unit/ junk AM-495 or 
even a 494.
When I was a young ham I converted an AM-495 to run 20 and 15 meter SSB and 
Ran great when driven by my CE 10A.  I had my own power supply and could 
vary all the
bias voltages including B+.  Would like to reconstruct this 40 year old 
project but
don't have the chassis. I have just about everything else but just can't 
spend much
on the project itself. I even have the large tuning knobs and planetary 
reduction drives.
   Want to reconstruct some of my old old projects.
    Sure wish I had not parted out my HT-4. Made a nice amplifier using a 
pair of 250TH's
in G-G. Needed negative bias on grids but worked great. Worked a lot of DX.
Bill wa4lav

At 05:02 PM 9/27/2011 -0400, Bob wrote:
>Celadon1 StationeryK8ATV Bob ; I am looking for a AM-495 / AM-8 or possibly
>a manual/ information, I have several AM-494 's and ps./ would like to
>modify one to operate 6 meters am/ssb
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