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[Amps] Alternative input network Upgrade for SB 220

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Subject: [Amps] Alternative input network Upgrade for SB 220
From: Patrick Barthelow <>
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2012 10:56:11 -0800
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Somewhere I saw a  3 -500Z input network aftermarket kit  that was a long 
narrow board with the coil/cap combos mounted side by sideon the board, and 
available for 3-500Z or perhaps SB 221  installations.
I did not see it at the Harbach website.
I received a very mangled SB 221 input network that I am trying to fix, and 
having extreme difficulty due to the age, and density of mounting   the 
cardboard coil formers,  making them brittle, and subject to easy breakage if 
disturbed in the process of removing and replacing all the silver mica 
capacitors, that were all assembled and soldered in sequence to a central 
grounding terminal.   I have heard the 35 year old coils are sometimes 
troublesome if any need to be tuned by the internal slug positioning, sometimes 
breaking in that process too.   It is exceptionally difficult to even read the 
values of the SM capacitors in situ.   Any input network packages out there?  
Tnx, 73, Pat AA6EG                                         
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