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From: "Tom Osborne" <>
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Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2012 18:33:44 -0800
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Hi All.

I have a SB-200 and it developed a problem in the last week or so.

When tuning up on 40, the Load cap is all the way meshed and the Tune cap is 
about 50% meshed.  It puts out about 400 watts on 40.  On 40, the input SWR 
is 1:1.

In 80 the Load cap is all the way meshed.  It puts out about 200 watts.  The 
input SWR is 1:1.

I checked to make sure the 2 sections of the Load cap were soldered together 
OK and they are.  I disconnected the cap that is switched in on 80 and 
replaced it with another one and still doing the same thing.

If the tubes are going soft, will it affect the tuning like that?  Seems 
like I've replaced the tubes before but never had the problem of the Load 
cap being all the way meshed to load on 40.  Thanks and 73

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