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Re: [Amps] HD HF amplifier recommendations

Subject: Re: [Amps] HD HF amplifier recommendations
From: "Dave" <>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2012 12:57:51 -0000
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The 4 cylinder will do the practical job that an automobile fulfills, but 
it won't do 160 mph top end or go zero to sixty in 4 or 5 seconds.    

There are 4 pot Turbo Diesel's here in the UK/EU that come close to that 
sort of performance, easily the top speed is doable, and can still return 
40+ MPG!   You don't need 300BHP to do that sort of thing, unless you're 
hauling several ton's of metal about.  But then you've got to stop the 

However, though they will do that, and cruse flat out 24/7 (unlike the 
driver of course.)  A big lazy V8 will last longer.  Problem these days, 
is the fuel used and the cost of it.

Anyway, Only 300BHP from a V8?  We can get more than that from a 3.9l V8 
Diesel.  With economy + low(ish) emissions.   Some petrol(Gas to you) 
production V8's are up above 500BHP, but they don't have the cooling for 
sustained full power run's.   To do that, you're in Bugatti Veron 
teretory, and the duration that can do it for is limited by the ammount 
of fuel it carries.   I wouldn't like to pay to run one, but if I was 
given one (I can dream) I wouldn't complain....

Likewise with big amps to get that linear "headroom", they use a lot more 
power, and the cost of that is forever rising too.   If you have to 
extract and remove the waste heat with AC, that also costs to run of 

Horses for corses and all that.

Enjoy all the power while you can.


Dave G0WBX.

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