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[Amps] Replacing T/R Relay in AL-1200.

Subject: [Amps] Replacing T/R Relay in AL-1200.
From: Larry K4AB <>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2012 17:40:40 -0600
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I need to replace the old 3PDT relay in an Ameritron AL-1200. Luckily,
sells a PCB relay assembly which replaces the clunky old relay with a more
modern, faster relay.

In looking at W8WWV's website he describes replacing the old relay with the
assembly as "graduate advanced calculus" and estimates the time to do the
mod at roughly 8 hours, requiring drilling 3 holes, etc.

To further complicate matters, the tech at Ameritron I spoke with says the
assembly comes with no instructions...not even a schematic!

On the other hand, another amateur I emailed said it was easy to do, about
1 hour.

Can anyone else who's done this procedure offer any additional insights?
make any notes when installing the mod?  Thanks!

Larry K4AB
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