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I had one of these early in production. I ran it very very hard on 20 and
75m. As I remember, it had 4 fans with the lower tier below chassis floor to
cool pins and socket underneath. I always ran fans at high speed during high
duty cycle and never had a problem. For rag chewing and typical SSB contacts
around 1200 watts or so, it stayed plenty cool on low speed and made almost
no noise. 

The PAC 5 is pretty cool to have (massive xformer, external). You only net
around 3150 V B+ on the 3-500Z which is not so much, BUT that same PS plugs
into the LK800 and makes it go wild. I think the stock supply was less than
2300V on the LK800. 

There were a lot of folks that bought LK550 and Denny would let them "Trade
up" just the RF Deck for the LK800 and he was not shipping an amp that would
do to much, basically an active tuner.

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The nice thing about them is that they come with the PAC-5 and vacuum relay.
Performance isnt so efficient on 10M so its often easier to pull a tube and 
realign the input as for a LK-500. The difference in power wont be heard on 
any band unless you had 150-200W to drive the 3 tubes.

Prices usually start around $1500 for a nice one.

The NT version is a bit of a PITA and Ive converted many to Tune versions. 
Many of those can be found cheap with fried caps and tubes.


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How common is the LK550?  What do they usually sell for?



On Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 8:43 AM, Carl <> wrote:
> Ive had my 500ZC since new in 1986 and it still has the original Eimacs
> that have been thru lots of contests and DX pileups.
> For regular laid back CW and SSB I run on LO speed and havent lost 
> anything.
> Its a great amp and you dont see many come up for sale and they are 
> usually
> in the $1200+ range for a nice one. Add a few hundred more if it has the
> external PAC-5 transformer and vacuum relay options.
> Carl
> KM1H

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