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Re: [Amps] Current thinking on HV supply bleeder current?

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Current thinking on HV supply bleeder current?
From: "Jim Hargrave" <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 15:34:25 -0600
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The ARRL handbook has two recommendations.

Bleeder resistance that will bleed the HV to 30 volts in 2 seconds after

Another place it recommends a bleeder resistance that will equate to approx
30% of the anticipated max load.
The later seems to be a carry over from Tube rectifiers, where the bleeder
assisted in parallel current regulation.

My Clipperton-L has 800k which is distributed across the series filter
capacitors. (HV is around 2800)

That will give you a range that should fit most "Treasure Box" of parts.

    73s de Jim

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  > Subject: [Amps] Current thinking on HV supply bleeder current?
  > I have a 3KV, 2A CCS transformer, and 32uf of filter. What's
  > the current
  > state of argument for appropriate bleeder current? The last time this
  > came up I seem to remember seeing everything from "HV safety bleed off
  > only" up to a rather high number.
  > So... 100 ohms per DC volt? That would work out to a convenient 400K,
  > which could be four 100K in series, each with 1KV or so across them.
  > Comments?
  > Thanks,
  > Jim N7CXI
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