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[Amps] FS: Radio Switch Model 88 & more

Subject: [Amps] FS: Radio Switch Model 88 & more
From: Radio WC6W <>
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2013 11:40:58 -0700 (PDT)
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Radio Switch Model 88, 2 pole 11 position bandswitch.  This is the 13KV rated 
model.  Standard index mechanism with screw set stops.  Mostly unused as only 
two terminals on each wafer were ever wired, and neither wiper contact was ever 
connected.  50 year old silver plate is somewhat tarnished yet, should clean up 
nicely with Tarn-X.  $125

Eimac SK-630A UHF sockets used pair, with integral screen capacitor, similar to 
Johnson 124-116, for 4X150, 4CX250, 4CX350, 8930 series tubes.  These are 
physically the same size as SK-620A's but, have grounded cathode terminals that 
can be lifted, if desired, by drilling out the rivets.   A bit tarnished from 
storage, one is almost unused except a single pin was once soldered.   $80 pair.

Comair Rotron Viking VK12B7 blower w/tachometer output.   5" square by 1.4" 
overall, 12VDC @ 1.3A nominal.  33CFM @ 0" H2O / 18CFM @1.2" H2O & 14V. A 
perfect fan for a pair of 4CX250B's or similar tubes.  NOS, $25 ea.

Triad Transformers -- 115V 60CPS Primary

   F21A 6.3VCT @ 10A Secondary, Used -- $20

   F28U 6.3/7.5 VCT @ 25A Secondary, NOS -- $40 

1N2804A -- 6.8V 50 Watt Zener Diodes, TO-3 case,  NOS -- $10 each

Water cooled heatsinks -- 12" x 8" used, drilled for a flock of TO-3's plus a 
few diodes. Back is flat. 3/8" water lines. $50 pair

National Velvet Vernier reduction drives.  These are shaft input with coupler 
output versions from the AVD series.  Both have 3/16" (.1875") diameter input 
shafts.  One has a 3/16" (.1875") I.D. output coupler; The other an insulated 
1/4" (.25") I.D. output coupler. Used, $10 each.

More for sale may be seen at:


73 & Good morning,
   Marv WC6W

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