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[Amps] Understanding S Parameters

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Subject: [Amps] Understanding S Parameters
From: "Drax Felton" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 15:52:56 -0400
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I am trying to understand S Parameters for a RD00HHS1 transistor.

The S11 parameters listed in the datasheet are as follows:
10 MHz          1.002 (mag)     -3.6(ang)
30 MHz          1.003           -9.9
50 MHz          1.005           -16.8
100             1.007           -33.5
150             0.989           -49.8

I'm trying to estimate the input impedance at 0.475MHz.  But I am uncertain
what it means when the mag is greater than 0.999.

Using the 10 MHz S11 value because it's available I get:

Gamma = 1.002 = (ZL-50)/(ZL+50) --> ZL= -50050 ohm impedance or a VSWR of
negative 1001:1.

What am I doing wrong?  What does this mean?  
My other attempts at calculating input Z also result in negative impedances
in linear form like -50.58-1589j
My RF books do not seem to say anything about this.


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