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Subject: [Amps] FL2500 amp
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2016 18:57:27 -0700
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I picked up what was left of an FL 2500 amplifier, which would be good for 
parts if someone is homebrewing an
amp, or, if you're feeling ambitious, could be restored.  It was part of a 
package deal with a friend of mine who
moved out of his home and to another state.  He had a number of pieces left in 
his shack/workshop that I was
interested in and he made me an offer for everything I named.  I saw this amp 
on a shelf and he said he didn't
remember all the details, but said I could have it and four other pieces of 
equipment, as is, for a price.  
We suspected that there wasn't a complete amp, but it was back in a corner 
behind a bunch of other stuff and
I couldn't get to it to see closer.  I figured even if it had been partially 
cannabalized, there would still be some good
usable parts to use or resell.   There are a number of missing parts as we 
suspected though.
The plate transformer is gone, but the other transformer is there.  The filter 
caps are there, as is most of the tank circuit
 variable capacitors and the tank coil, though the fixed caps in the 
tank circuit are gone.)  One of the two fans is missing.
The high voltage rated bypass caps, such as those for the plate choke coil are 
still there as well, as is the plate choke.
The front panel and switches are there, including the band switch, and the 
meter.  They are all in very good condition.
The cabinet is there, although there is a circular hole cut in the top for a 
top blower which is not there anymore.
The tubes are gone, but the sockets are all there.
Contact me if you're interested in parts for your project.   I would really 
like to see someone take the whole thing
and maybe restore it, but will finish the scrapping if there are no takers for 
the whole thing.
It will weigh a lot less than usual because of the missing plate transformer
I am in zip code 84116 if you want to check for an approximate shipping cost.   
   Ray  WA7ITZ
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