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Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2017 13:20:18 -0700
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Sometimes people express negativity on forums for their own emotional
reasons without considering the repercussions in the real world and the harm
that their criticism can do to people and companies who are working hard at
supplying products that they themselves want. 


Others take posts that apply only to certain "you know who you are" folk as
though the post was directed at them personally and get exercised about it.


Posts are posts, and most should be, I feel, taken with a good dose of "if
the shoe fits..." - if it doesn't, don't think the post/shoe was meant to
fit you. Life goes on.


People need to hear about the negative consequences of their actions from
the people that those actions affect. Rumors can be toxic. If an occasional
rant has heat on it but speaks truth, let's all put on our big-boy pants and
have some compassion for the guy that gets hurt by the pot-stirrers. 


Thanks for the great products that Alpha makes - and I wish you all the best
and robust sales!



Ray N6HE




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