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To: Manfred Mornhinweg <>,
Subject: Re: [Amps] Amplifier lifetime
From: Jim Garland <>
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2017 08:59:49 -0600
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Hi Manfred,

I've got an NCL-2000 that has a similar history to yours. Like you, I seldom use it, but think it is a well-designed amplifier and arguably the nicest styling of any amp before or since. Replacement tubes are a problem, of course, but I've got a couple of spares on hand. As I recall, the bias circuit is quite clever and, with updated components, works very well.

Interestingly, my NCL-2000 blower is rather quiet and has never posed an irritation. I'd be interested in hearing comments on that issue from other owners.

One design issue I've never liked with the amp is the T/R relay, which uses a 6VAC coil. This rules it out for use with modern transceivers, unless one uses an isolation circuit. In my station, I use my StationPro controllers for my amplifiers, which can accommodate any AC or DC antenna, so that isn't a problem


Jim W8ZR

On 10/5/2017 8:41 AM, Manfred Mornhinweg wrote:
My NCL-2000 is now close to half a century old, and still works perfectly. I got it cheaply, roughly 20 years ago, when it was in bad condition due to dead filter caps, some dead bleeder resistors, and a minor problem in the bias circuit. The repair was easy, and was helped by the amplifier's user manual giving all service information one may need for a device as simple as this.

I consider this to be a "good" design, because longer lasting filter caps simply weren't available when it was made, and because adequate service information was provided with it. It has lasted until becoming obsolete (quite a few years ago), and still lasts.

I would use it more, if it wouldn't make this nasty blower noise. Currently I only switch it on for a while when I absolutely need it to finish a QSO while the propagation is going. I hope to soon take it out of service, when my solid state EER squeme goes online. But at that point I won't throw it away! It has life left in it, so I will likely find a noise-resistant buyer and a loving home for it...


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