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[Amps] SB200 on 30m

Subject: [Amps] SB200 on 30m
From: jerome schatten <>
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2017 19:58:59 -0700
List-post: <>

On 30m using the 20m band-switch position, I’m able to get about 200w out into 
a dummy load/wattmeter before the grid current rises faster than the plate 
current. On 80/40 I can get over 400w out.  Since I’m only interested in using 
the amp on 80/40/30, I thought to improve the 30m situation a bit by adding a 
few turns to the total pi-network inductance in the 20m position.

I’m willing to sacrifice a bit of efficiency on 80/40 to bring up 30 and 
sacrifice 20/15/10 entirely. The goal here would be 300+ watts on 80/40/30 with 
ease. I have already taken care of the input matching for 30 in the 20m 

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Jerome - va7vv/ve7ass


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