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Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2017 20:14:22 +0000 (UTC)
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You are confusing the power restrictions for the 60-meter band which are now 
100-watts effective radiated power with the restrictions for the 30-meter band 
in the areas controlled by the Federal Communications Commission.  The rules 
state 200-peak watts out of the transmitter and NOT effective radiated power.  
Just like on the other bands except the new LF bands that also have effective 
radiated power restrictions, you can gain all the effective power that you can 
in the antenna.  And, unfortunately, if your antenna system has a negative 
gain, you cannot make up for this by increasing the power out of the 
transmitter (including any external amplifier).  There are a number of 
different antenna designs that do exhibit a loss over the "normal" dipole which 
the FCC considers to be the zero (0) point at which effective power is 

 Glen, K9STH 

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 Subject: Re: [Amps] SB200 on 30 M
    Chris AB6QK Hays wrote:

> I don't know the rules in Canada, but 30 meters is a shared allocation and
> in the U.S. the power limit is 200 watts PEP.  300 watts on 30 meters is
> illegal in the U.S.  Check your local regulations.

  That is true, and a good point, unless you feed a horizontally 
polarized turnstile antenna where a TPO of 400 Watts would be the limit. 
  (-3 dB gain over a dipole)
  Ron  KA4INM - Youvan's corollary:
                Every action results in unwanted side effects.
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