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[Amps] Alpha 87A No Output

To: Amps group <>
Subject: [Amps] Alpha 87A No Output
From: Frank Kirschner <>
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2019 20:36:24 -0400
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 Thanks to all for pointing me in the right direction. This counts as a
"short-between-the-headsets" moment.

I installed V3 of the Flex software on my 6600 and Maestro. It
automatically reads and converts the V2 configurations, so no configuration
work is required. Unfortunately, V3 is not compatible with some of the 3rd
party software I use, so I reverted to V2. I didn't realize that on
reversion, the system went to factory defaults, which meant the amplifier
relay lines were all disabled. Enabling the TX1 line fixed everything.

I wouldn't have suspected that first, since it is something so simple. I
guess I would have eventually gotten around to checking it.

All is well now, and I'm once again QRO.

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