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[Amps] LDMOS HF amps

Subject: [Amps] LDMOS HF amps
From: Don AD7LL <>
Date: Sat, 8 Aug 2020 11:06:50 -0400
List-post: <>
    As my first retirement project I am hoping to build an LDMOS amp.
I have made the decision to go with a single device, a BLF189XRBU.  This is
same package as the more common BLF188, but rated at 1900 watts,   The hope
to achieve legal limit, or very close, output of 1500 and with using a
single device use a single
pallet with a simpler design.
    I am hoping to keep it simple with manually switched band changes and
such, and to build the LP filter and other sub-components myself.
  I am however looking at purchasing the pallet itself instead of designing
and building it from scratch.  I think that I am liking the designs by
4z4rb, although currently he doesn't have anything for sale, I had
contacted him and he said he had been sick.  That has been 2 or 3 weeks
back and  I haven't seen anything from him.  I am hoping he is ok and
recovering well!
  The W6PQL site has a lot of info and stuff available, but I'm not sure I
care for his output combiner design and the way they just sort of
flop around.

    SO down to my actual questions.  Who would be the best pallet design /
builder / supplier
currently available?  And why?  with the slight higher current draw and
such does anyone foresee any real issues with my using the 189 instead of
the 188?   Or should I bite the bullet and just design my own pallet from

      As it is, I am just now trying to learn Kicad so that I can put
together my filters and such, but I really don't feel that I have the
ability to design the pallet itself.  As it is I am looking at this as a
long term project, but I would like to complete it before I die of old age !

      Thanks in advance for advice!
        Don Frasher  AD7LL

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