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Re: [Amps] Exceptional HF Amplifier For Sale

Subject: Re: [Amps] Exceptional HF Amplifier For Sale
From: Alek Petkovic <>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2020 06:58:22 +0800
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I'd have it in a flash Ken but I'm a bit far away.

The reason for this reply is that I am heading up to th city tomorrow to pick up a Clipperton L from a friend who had it given to him for handling a estate sale.

My friend doesn't want it as he is into microwave stuff but he wants it checked out and updated before selling it.

So, that will be my project for next week.

I also had a Clipperton L of my own. Twice.

I got it many years ago and fixed it up. I sold it some time later and sort of regretted it. About 10 years passed and I saw one advertised, so I jumped on it.

When it arrived, I opened it up and saw that it was the same amp I had sold before.

I used it extensively and then shoehorned an Ameritron plate choke and AL572 suppressor assembly into it. That required some cutting of metal but I got it all to fit ok. Thisn allowed full WARC band operation.

I lent it to another friend and he liked it so much, he bought it from me.

Funny how the wheel turns. Who knows? I might end up buying the one I'm going to check out.

Your specimen sounds very fine indeed. I'm sure you'll move it on quickly.

73, Alek, VK6APK

On 19/08/2020 4:47 am, Ken, W8EK wrote:

Exceptional HF Amplifier For Sale:

I have sold some really nice ham equipment, but this HF amplifier is
really, really, really terrific.

It is a Dentron Clipperton L.
It covers 160 thru 10 meters.
Yes, it has 10 m on it.

Looking at it, one would think that it was new, just out of the box.
One of the reasons that it looks this way is that it has a very fancy
cover, labeled "Dentron Clipperton L".  It would appear that this has
always stayed on the amp, preserving its great cosmetics.

While the cosmetics are absolutely superb, electrically it is just as
good.  It has had a variety of updates to make it work better, and to
protect it.

Electrolytic filter caps have been replaced with eight 470 uf, 450
volt caps.  This gives 3600 volts at 58 uf.  Actual high voltage is
only 2600 V, so lots of extra headroom.

“Step Start” circuit added to input AC.  This was needed due to bigger
filter caps.

Power supply diodes replaced with 3 amp (200 amp surge) diodes.

Back to back 3 amp diodes added across meter movement to protect it.

Diode added across relay coil to prevent back emf.

“Glitch Resistor” in high voltage lead – 0.82 ohm, 3 Watt, wire wound

T/R relay is 19 V DC open circuit, pulling about 225 ma when activated.

Tube Idle current is about 130 ma.

Power output is really great.  I was hoping for about 1100 watts, but
with 90 watts drive, I had 1457 Watts PEP out on 75 meters.  Wow!
This is measured with an LP-100 A wattmeter (NIST traceable, which means it usually reads 10 to 15% lower than Diawa, MFJ, etc.) into a
dummy load.  Of course power output varies depending on band.  I have
been using it on the air with about 40 watts drive and getting about 800 watts out.

Maximum power output occurs at exactly the dip in plate current,
indicating that neutralization is really great.
In over fifty years as a ham, I have never had an amplifier that
tunes as smooth as this one.

Amp is wired for 240 V AC.  I would not recommend using it on 120 V AC.

Included with the amp is the very nice cover, really detailed paper work,
including lots of additional notes, and of course the amp itself.

Get all of this for only $600.  Pick up near Ocala, FL is much
preferred.  This is not only due to the weight in shipping, but also
because of the exceptional cosmetics.


I also have many other accessories available such as many
different types of microphones, HTs, VHF and UHF rigs, HF
and VHF/UHF antennas, connectors, miscellaneous accessories,
Just too many to list here. Please e-mail your requests.




Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to or
Voice Phone  (352) 732-8400


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