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[antennaware] 12/17m duoband yagi..

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Subject: [antennaware] 12/17m duoband yagi..
From: (Danny MEES)
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 20:42:13 +0200

Im working on a new antenna project which will be a duoband wirebeam
for 12 and 17m.
I would like to aim for 3 L on 17m and 4 L on 12m..
Anyone willing to share his ideas,comments,suggestions ?
Tnx in advance..

73 Danny --- ON7NQ ---

        e-mail : ON7NQ@GLO.BE
        dx-cluster : ON4DXA
        bbs : ON7NQ@ON6AR.#AN.BEL.EU
        snail mail : Danny Mees
                         Van De Reydtlaan,86
                         B-2960      BRECHT
                         B E L G I U M

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