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[antennaware] RE: Sterba curtain

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Subject: [antennaware] RE: Sterba curtain
From: (Healy, Rus)
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 09:02:36 -0400
Ernesto, LU5CW, asked whether anyone has built a Sterba curtain.
Yes--many have, and it's an attractive and very inexpensive alternative
to a Yagi. You can find an article on the Sterba curtain, how to build
it, and how it works, in QST, in about 1990, by Jim Cain, K1TN. Send
email to for the specific issue. They can mail you a copy
of the article, or the whole magazine, for about $5 US.

--73, Rus, NJ2L

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