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[antennaware] Cushcraft Base Station Antennas FS

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Subject: [antennaware] Cushcraft Base Station Antennas FS
From: (Ken Simpson)
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 13:37:07 -0400
We have the following Cushcraft base station antennas available:

All are NEW, in their original sealed box.

DX-120, 20 element, 2 meter co-linear beam   $ 75

AOP-1, Oscar antenna, with both 430 MHz and 2 meter "twist" antennas on a 
common boom, so they can be pointed at the satellite together     $ 200

215 WB, 15 element, 2 meter beam, wide band, can be mounted vertical or 
$ 150

147 VPK, vertical polarization and stacking kit, to stack two 11 element 2 
meter beams - includes hardware and coax harness,  $ 70

14 VPK, like 147 VPK, but made to stack two 4 element 2 m beams,  $ 43

ARX-450 Ringo Ranger for 440 MHz, $ 55

AFM-24 D, "Four Pole" array of four dipole that are often used on 
repeaters, for 220 MHz, 6 db or 9 db(offset) gain over a dipole,  $100

AV-5 vertical antenna for 80 through 10 meters,  $ 165

If there are other antennas you are looking for, we might have it.  We are 
trying to clean out some of the accumulation from 35 years in the ham 
business.  At one point, we had about 3000 antennas in stock, although that 
number is only a very small portion of that now.

We also have rubber duck antennas available, including some for radios in 
the 70s and 80s.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.

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Ken, W8EK

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