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[antennaware] Telrex/20m326

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Subject: [antennaware] Telrex/20m326
From: (David A. McPhie)
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 19:05:17 -0600
Gentelmen, I just bought a used Telrex 3 element 20 meter monoband beam,
model 20m326.
        The hardware is the heaviest duty I have ever seen. The 4 picture pages 
insrtuction I got with it are somewhat sketchy as far as instructions go,
but I can figure almost everything out. I just have 1 question.
                The manual shows a coaxial balun. the picture shows it, but 
there is no
mention of how long the coax is supposed to be. The drawing has an inset
that says 1/2 wavelength. I cant imagine this balun is supposed to be 32
feet long. The previous owner showed me the balun he had on it. Its 24 feet
long, but he cant remember why. Anybody have information about how long this
balun is supposed to be? The manual is very vague.

        Thanks for any help,

                Dave McPhie K7SX

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