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Subject: [antennaware] Antenna Stacking
From: (GeorgeHumphrey)
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 21:45:07 -0600
Antenna Folks,

Easy on me here, I am a newbie working on my code and erecting a station
tower. This is my first question of this group, so excuse any blunders.

I would like to stack the following antennas on one mast on one 45' tower.
I don't have the software to model it, nor would I know how to model it at
this time. How much space should I leave between the following antennas, or
is this just a dumb idea all around?

lowest - Cushcraft Tri-Bander 10-15-20M (space up from tower?)
moving up - 6M yagi
next up - 2M Cushcraft Vert/Horz yagi
on top - MFJ 8 Band vertical
all rotated by a Ham-M rotor.

One more question, if allowed, where would I pick up the software you guys
use for modeling, PC (EZNEC) I think.

73 and Happy Holidays and a great New Year,
George KC5WBV

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