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[antennaware] Suggestions about stacking

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Subject: [antennaware] Suggestions about stacking
From: (Angelo Gino Zambaiti (IK2RZP))
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 13:54:55 +0000
Hi folks!
I'm going to put up next week some new antennas and I need some
I have following materials:
1 Tower 70 ft. + a mast ab.15ft (in the garden)
1 Tower 40 ft. + hazer and mast ab 10ft.(on the roof)
and I want to place on them following materials:
1 Force12 Mag.3/40-6/20
1 Force 12 Mag.7/15
1 Home-made yagi 7/10
1Antenna to be built for Warcs.
The feed line for main Tower is ab.200ft and for roof Tower is 60ft.
In my opinion, due to length of the line the best solution is to keep on
garden tower 40/20 and 15 beams but I'm afraid of interferences between
40 and 15, considering also the small space in stacking.Of course, on
roof Tower Warc and 10.
I'm very interested in suggestions,because now is the right time to
prepare my station to next DX and Contest Season.
Sorry for my English but I suppose it's better than your Italian.
Ciao and best seasonal greetings for everybody.

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