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[antennaware] Station Modelling

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Subject: [antennaware] Station Modelling
From: (Jay, WX0B)
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 07:55:31 -0600
Bill Fisher - W4AN wrote:
> We spend a lot of time modelling antennas in free space to eek out the
> very last 1/10th of a DB.  Then we take that antenna and stick it up in
> the middle of an aluminum jungle.  Not sure that makes much sense.
> One thing I have learned is that my 4-square which surrounds a 115' Rohn
> 45 tower is definatley affected by the tower in the middle.  The F/B goes
> from a 25DB in the perfect model to 18DB or 19DB with the tower in the
> center of the square.  In my case, it's the only place I can put the
> verticals.  But it explains a few observations.

Hi Bill and the group.
On the other hand in contrast to the statement above. It sometimes works
out that the tower in the middle CAN enhance the pattern.  Such is my
80m wire dipole vertical array. which is a killer on 80.   Putting the
tower virtually in and out of the model show that it definetly improves
the pattern.  Using this array and switching it around proves that it
indeed is working.  Several contesters have commented to me how well it
plays too. 

Jay, WX0B

Jay Terleski,

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