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Subject: [antennaware] some questions.....
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Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 08:28:12 -0500
Yes, not a problem at all, I have many customers doing this.  Several have
stacks on several towers like N0NI Toni.  For instance he has 20m beams
which are fixed on EU on one tower, Pacific on another, and Japan on
another.  He can then switch between them or phase them together and beam in
multiple directions at the same time.

Lots of contesters do this to optimize q,s is two directions or to listen in
two directions.  See my website to find some examples of these stations.

Now another option, If you have two 80m beams using your example on two
towers.  Is to actually put them in phase in desired directions, beaming
together.  This is a Large array array.  It assumes the beams are fed the

Broadside - Beaming perpendicular to the line between the two towers can be
done by feeding the beams with exactly the same length of Transmission line
(phase line) and power spitting equally between them.

Endfire,  Pointing both beams in line with an end of a tower and in the same
This can also be accomplished by delaying the leading (the one on the end in
the direction being beamed) beam by the amount of phase delay in the wave
emanating from the beam behind it.  Matching the wave front in time launched
from this beam.  You can easily figure the delay needed to be added to the
phase line by knowing the distance between the two drivers.  A phase line is
then created out of coax to be switched in when used in this direction. You
know will achieve stacking gain.

This can also be done for say every 45 degrees.  Creating a phase line to be
switched into one or the others beams feedline from a switch matrix.

The Large area array has been discussed in the literature.

If you or anyone else it seriously thinking about doing this, or have done
this, I would like to hear from you.

Jay, WX0B
Array Solutions

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  Hi all!

Is it possible to "phase"/"stack" two 80m beams together.......not above
eachother but phase them like verticals.......20m spacing between them and
have them into diffrent directions? (It dosent haveto be 80m beams, just an

73 // Mike (SM3WMV)

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