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Subject: R: [antennaware] some questions.....
From: Maurizio Panicara" < (Maurizio Panicara)
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 17:28:16 +0200

The primary purpose of a directional array should be that of improving gain
and signal to noise ratio and, under this consideration it's not a benefit
to ruin F/S and F/B of one antenna with the other one heading somewere else.

The phasing shift  between of two antennas beaming different directions
and with patterns that doesn't overlap, is unimportant.

If the patterns instead overlaps, choosing a proper shift it's possible to
create a new total pattern with specific needs.

For contesting purpose heading different direction antenna system it's not a
novelty (already done by top stations), and might be interesting from
peculiar locations.

Meanwhile transmitting, heading different continents or covering higher and
lower elevation angles (with both antennas on same direction) can produce a
more consistent pile up .

Meanwhile receiving, and heading different directions in most of the cases
it's probably  better to select between the antennas.

Mauri I4JMY

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Data: domenica 1 agosto 1999 1.20
Oggetto: [antennaware] some questions.....

>  Hi all!
>Is it possible to "phase"/"stack" two 80m beams together.......not above
eachother but phase them like verticals.......20m spacing between them and
have them into diffrent directions? (It dosent haveto be 80m beams, just an
>73 // Mike (SM3WMV)

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