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SV: [antennaware] some questions.....

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Subject: SV: [antennaware] some questions.....
From: (Mikael Larsmark - SM3WMV -)
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 20:13:03 +0200
Hi all!

So I can phase like two 3el beams togheter that's pointing asia and get a 
higher gain with some regular stack cables?

73 // Mike!

>The primary purpose of a directional array should be that of improving gain
>and signal to noise ratio and, under this consideration it's not a benefit
>to ruin F/S and F/B of one antenna with the other one heading somewere else.
>The phasing shift  between of two antennas beaming different directions
>and with patterns that doesn't overlap, is unimportant.
>If the patterns instead overlaps, choosing a proper shift it's possible to
>create a new total pattern with specific needs.
>For contesting purpose heading different direction antenna system it's not a
>novelty (already done by top stations), and might be interesting from
>peculiar locations.
>Meanwhile transmitting, heading different continents or covering higher and
>lower elevation angles (with both antennas on same direction) can produce a
>more consistent pile up .
>Meanwhile receiving, and heading different directions in most of the cases
>it's probably  better to select between the antennas.
>Mauri I4JMY

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