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[antennaware] SWR Calc again

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Subject: [antennaware] SWR Calc again
From: (Dallas Carter)
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 07:49:46 -0400
Thanks to all of those who responded to my initial question.  I guess I need to 
clarify the
question.  I know that SWR should be Z(load) divided by Z(line) when load is > 
than line
and vice versa, but then the formula for finding Z(load) must be tainted.  The 
only ref I have
found is Z=squareroot (R^2+J^2)     When using this product, the above formula 
does not
apply.  Am I using the wrong formula to determine Z or the wrong formula to 
determine SWR?
example:  1-j50 is essentially Z=50, but it does not provide 1:1 SWR. of course 
50-j0 does.
A Smith Chart or X/Y vector graph with SWR circles is a simple graphical 
solution, but I was
looking for a mathematical one.  Thanks again - Dallas  W3PP

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