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[antennaware] RE: SWR from R,X,Zo

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Subject: [antennaware] RE: SWR from R,X,Zo
From: (Serge Pozhidaev)
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 01:29:38 +0300
    Hi Dallas and All.

> Dave, Thanks a million for the help.  That's exactly the formula that I have 
> been
searching for.
> It is correct and plugs into basic very nicely.  Now I can continue with my 
> xmission line
> matching and find values that yield acceptable matches with the help of 
> W4RNL's fine
> tutorial on the subject.

    Dallas, you can do it with program TL:   only 30Kb and free

This program can calculate what do you need and more.

One screenshot from it:
     TL (Transmission Line), Copyright 1993-1994, ARRL -- by N6BV
Length of line:   30.00 ft
Frequency:   145.000 MHz
RG-58A Cable
Matched-line attenuation =    1.97 dB

Real part of load impedance at antenna (ohms):  1
Reactive part of load impedance (- cap., + induct., ohms):  -50

SWR at load:      100.01
SWR at line input:      4.31
Additional line loss due to SWR:  11.93 dB
Total line loss:  13.90 dB

Real part of impedance at line input:     14.5 Ohms
Imaginary part of impedance at line input:     24.1 Ohms
At 1,500 watts, maximum rms voltage on line:   576.7 volts
Length from line input for peak voltage =     1.64 ft
Maximum rms voltage rating of cable:  1400 volts

Choose another Frequency (F), Zant (Z), or Transmatch ([T]).  Quit <Q> ?


73 de Serge UT2IO.

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