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[antennaware] Elevated Radials

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Subject: [antennaware] Elevated Radials
From: (tkass)
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 01:11:35 -0400
Hello guys...put a new or should I say an old vertical..the Hygain
18HT...for those who dont remember this antenna..its a 52 foot
vertical...anyway...the question to you antenna gurus....Ive been
reading alot about elevated radials and my back yard does not lend
itself well to 120 1/2 wave radials...anyway...the vertical is ground
mounted but is mounted on insulators....can I elevate the radials a bit
to improve the efficiency on this system...if high
(practically) would the radials have to be?  What I read indicates that
even a minimum number of 4 radials would be vastly superior to buried
radials..well..considering I cant put in 120 radials...anyway...any
suggestions to improve this fine vertical would be greately
appreciated..73   Tim  WB8OWX

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