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[antennaware] 18HT:Hytower - mods

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Subject: [antennaware] 18HT:Hytower - mods
From: (tkass)
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 12:52:14 -0500
Hello antenna gurus....need some advice...have one of the old Hygain
hytowers..great antenna but trying to make it better..since I operate
mainly on 75 and 40 SSB..wanted to enhance the antenna....working from a
modified article from on old CQ magazine...instead of sticking a loading
coil at the top of the vertical, necesitating guy wires (aarrr) ,
instead I used some linear loading techinics...took a wire from the top
of the vertical and ran it along the side of the vertical to the tower
section where it is connected to a insulator..the wire stands off about
3 inches from the vertical "whip" all the way down to the top of the
tower section...also have been using elevated radials, several for 40
and 2 for 75 presently....presently, the tower is fed using an L network
to match it for 75 mtr...future plan is to use some type of remote
switching with permanant L networks for 40 and 75  mtr....the Question I
have. .the phsyical element length is 78 feet..53 feet to the top and
the addition of 25 feet of wire added..does this scheme seem appropriate
to you guys..have been running this for about 1 week..with good results
thus far...any comments would be greately appreciated..  73   Tim +

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