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[antennaware] Contest station!

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Subject: [antennaware] Contest station!
From: (Mikael Larsmark (SM3WMV // SM3W))
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2000 21:58:19 +0100

I'm building a little contest station in northern Sweden.
I have a QTH located by the water and a hilltop behind me that is 
like 70m high. I got one coax going up there to a 1/4 vertical for 
40m and I'm planning to put up some towers there. I got a clear 
shot of water from 350 degrees to 240 over asia but a little 
mountain against NA but NA is still 59 on the 1/4 for 40m when I 
use it on 15m.

I have about 200m to the hilltop and the coax is a RG17. It's pretty 
long distance on 28 MHz but I guess I "earn" that gain loss by 
putting up the tower at that location.

The stuff I'm planning is putting up one 24m high tower and to 
stack two KT34XA's @26/16m (lowest on a sidemount) and 
maybee add a third antenna at ??m fixed at EU. I'm not quite sure 
about the lowest antenna, maybee I'll put that on a 2nd tower.

I also have two monobanders lying on the ground, it's one 5el for 10 
and another one for 15m. I'm not quite sure what I will do of them, 
maybe put them fixed at JA or something.

I wanna be able to beam in diffrent directions at the same time. It's 
always open against Europe here and during the summer it's very 
often open against NA and JA at the same time. That's the reasons 
why I want tribanders. It's much cheaper to buy two tribanders than 
3 pair of monobanders. I get a bit more gain by having 
monobanders but It's to expensive with the towers, rotators etc.

I have no experience about building stations. I'm 18 years old so I 
don't have very much money either but I worked the whole summer 
to afford buy some of the stuff. The things I have now is this:
30m of tower (30x30x30cm).
600m rotator cables.
200m RG17 coax + lots of RG58 and 213.
6el Mosley Tribander.
5el mono for 10m.
5el mono for 15m.
16m rotatable tower (placed at the bottom of the hill, good against 
all directions except West).
Yeasu G1000SDX rotator.
Emator 1103MXX rotator.

I would really like to have some opinions about my project. What 
low band antennas should I go for? Should I put the antennas in 
another combinations etc.?

73 // Mike (SM3WMV // SM3W) 
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