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[antennaware] Quad Antenna Help

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Subject: [antennaware] Quad Antenna Help
From: (John Tait)
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 11:59:19 +0100
Hi Dennis..

Subject: [antennaware] Quad Antenna Help

> Hello everyone.  I'm looking for some ideas on stringing a quad. What is
> the
> best method to minimize fatigue on wire?  I'd like the wire to last
> longer than
> two years!

   I use #14 hard drawn copper wire.. I have NEVER had a wire break on my
present Quad.
 Do NOT drill holes for the wire on your quad arms...It weakens the arms,
and gives a rigid point where the wire can flex and eventually break.  I use
very large "cable ties" to hold the element corners. These are flexible, and
act like shock absorbers to the wire. Another trick is to wind a piece of
wire around the element at the corners, these also act as shock absorbers.
  I have had a few cable ties break in bad storms here, but these can be
replaced in a few minutes. Even if a tie breaks, the element stays in place,
'cos I put two ties at each element looser than the other. If
the main tie breaks, the second one holds it in place....a bit looser, but
safe. Every Summer, I check all these ties, and replace, or tighten as

     I hope this helps..
          Vy 73
         John EI7BA

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