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[Antennaware] coax monopoles and more

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Subject: [Antennaware] coax monopoles and more
From: (Maurizio Panicara)
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 12:43:14 +0200
Independently by its peculiar high angle radiation, not every contact needs
low angle radiation, an orizontal antenna close to a real ground has large
losses that seriosly affect the overall efficiency.
Any modeling software I tried seems to under estimate those real losses.

Mauri I4JMY

> 2.) did some tests with NVIS antennas.
> - used only 5 Watts and did have the impression - I hear many, but
> could not be heard by many. I do my comparison with above coax
> monopoles. I did have quite good result with those verticals.
> - so my question: do i loose power (energy) because most of the
> radiotion is gooing steep up and not flat, as with verticals ?
> 73's
> Wolfgang  OE1MWW
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