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[Antennaware] Balloon vertical

To: <>
Subject: [Antennaware] Balloon vertical
From: (Billy Cox)
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 17:33:25 -0500
Check the archives of the Topband and TowerTalk
reflectors ... search engine at
for some ideas and real world examples ... just
scale the data from 160/80m to your desired bands.

73 Billy AA4NU

> Hello Group,
> How many things can go wrong by sending a helium balloon up carrying 
> a long wire for a vertical antenna? It would be for 20 M - 10 M.
> I can do this in a marshy area near Newport Beach. At least there are 
> no electrical or telephone lines in the area.
> At the bottom of the proposed contraption is my Sebring convertible 
> with a 706 in it.
> Would I throw the ground radial into the saltwater 100' away?
> Has anybody braved this portable excuse for an antenna?

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